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April 2013

10 April -  MENA Region
Al Qaeda Merger in Syria Unlikely to Change Capability for Jabhat Al-Nusra

March 2013

28 March -  Eurasia Region
Cyprus Bank Crisis Risks Greek Bail-in

22 March -  Eurasia Region
Conditions Ripe for Turkish Ceasefire Success

22 March -  Africa Region
Rising Risks to Energy and Mining Projects in Mozambique

19 March - MENA Region
Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack

8 March - Asia Region
North Korea War Risk Escalation

1 March - Africa Region
Ethnic Violence Likely in Kenyan Election

February 2013

28 February - MENA Region
Politically Destabilising Unrest Indicator Seen in Algeria

26 February - Western Europe Region
Reversal of Monti’s Policies and Political Instability Likely in Italy

18 February - Latin America Region
Correa Victory  Increases Risks to Banking and Media Industry

14 February - MENA Region
Violent Libya Anniversary Protests Likely

7 February - MENA Region
Tunisian unrest at 2011 levels

1 February - Eurasia Region
Embassy Bomb Indicates Growing Terrorism Capability in Turkey

January  2013

14 January - Africa Region
Kidnap & IED risks rise significantly in Mali

11 January - Eurasia Region
Increasing Terrorism Risks in Turkey

10 January - Latin America Region
Economic Crisis Looming in Venezuela; Expropriations and fines likely

8 January - Global  - Foresight Quarterly Released
China Reforms, Security in Brazil and Egyptian Power Dynamics in Latest Foresight Quarterly Journal

December  2012

13 December -  Latin America Region
FARC Increasingly Turning to Gold Mining for Income

November 2012

22 November -  Africa Region
President Kabila likely to be removed from office if protests escalate and last longer than 1 week

19 November -  Latin America Region
Argentine Government Losing Grip on Power

7 November -  North America Region
Minimal Shift in Power in Congress Means a Deal on the ‘fiscal Cliff’ May be Broached But Not Concluded

October 2012

25 October  -  Eurasia Region
Future of Russian Oil Dependent on Greenfield Projects and Western Technology

18 October  -  Asia Region
Malala Yousufzai: Pakistan Taliban Likely to Target Local Media

16 October  -  MENA Region
Coup Risks in Mauritania

12 October  -  Asia Region
Expect Greater Delays to Foreign Natural Resource Investment in Indonesia

05 October  -  Africa Region
Mining Firms at Risk, Islamist Groups Spread to Burkina Faso

04 October  -  Eurasia Region
Rising Civil Unrest Risks in Georgia

September 2012

28 September - Latin America Region
Rising Terrorism Risks in Colombia

12 September - Middle East and North Africa Region
Increased Risk to US Soft Targets in Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Libya

August 2012

17 August - South Africa  
Increased Risk at Platinum, Coal and Iron Ore Mines in Next Month

July 2012

25 July - Ghana
Ghana Post-President Mills

18 July - Syria
Syria - Coup Risks & Game Changers

5 July - Foresight Quarterly
Q3 Edition of Foresight Quarterly Released

June 2012

16 June - Agriculture Investment Summit  
Exclusive Analysis to Speak at Agriculture Investment Summit

14 June - Myanmar

What Investors Need to Know

8 June - Russia

Putin’s Presidency - Impact on Strategic Sectors